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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

New Digital Platform Leveraging AI to improve resilience to addictive technologies in Re


New York, NY & Tel Aviv, Israel - HOUR25 AI, an algorithm-based digital platform fostering a growing movement of better, healthier tech usage habits, today appointed Fa

stlane as its U.S. agency of record. Fastlane is a full-service, independent branding, digital marketing, and strategic communications firm with a focus on tech and other industries.

Internet addiction and lack of attention are quickly ap

proaching a trillion-dollar problem a year in the U.S. alone. It’s also no secret that alarm bells have been sounding for quite some time due to rising mental health issues associated with ever-increasing screen time including app usage, gaming, streaming services, social channels as well as the predicted growth in new Web 3.0 metaverse technology.

And, there’s no shortage of stats, trends, and data coming from different industries pointing to the growing trend of unhealthy behaviors associated with increased technology usage. In fact, according to a recent survey, seven in ten American parents are worried their children are turning into internet “zombies.” HOUR25.AI also reports :

● 70% of the workforce feel distracted at work regularly

● 2/3rd of young professionals struggle with focus

● Over 5 hours of the workday are often not productive

“HOUR25.AI use the same data which addictive technology companies are using to keep us in their apps, to actually assist the users in avoiding the many daily distractions they face. We do that by analyzing negative behavior in real-time and providing real-time interventions and exercises that create resilience and shift the focus back in real life to their real-life and work engagements,” said Yair Nativ, Co-founder & CEO of HOUR25.AI

“HOUR25 AI is a force for good multiplier, giving all heavy app users that precious one hour back of wasted internet ‘space out’ time every day that we’ve all experienced,” said Chris Faust, Founder & CEO of Fastlane. “We’re proud and honored to be working with industry visionaries and change agents looking to improve the lives of all web-obsessed, digital natives worldwide.”

About HOUR25:

HOUR25 AI is an AI-based digital platform combating a $650 billion dollar problem to counter-act addictive technologies, causing all of us lack of attention and other negative emotions and behavior. For more information on HOUR25, visit

Media Contact:

Justin Goldstein


Note: Additional visuals, screenshots and company imagery available upon request

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