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About Us

About Us

Hour25.AI is an innovative platform designed to help students overcome digital stress and improve their study experiences by providing personalized passive interventions and guidance. Our NBA-inspired methods and comprehensive analysis of digital behavior and psychological states enable us to offer tailored suggestions that have helped countless students conquer digital stress and thrive academically. We can help students unlock their full potential and achieve their academic goals by harnessing the power of crowdsourcing and data-driven insights. 

Our story

Our vision

Provide immediate & personalized emotional & behavioral feedback & training, continuously increasing resilience using Data and AI.


Our mission

Guide any individual to persist and increase resilience to (the negative effects of) addictive technologies.

Our values

Solving the problem

"Obsession to Solving the problem"

Open minded

"Get out of your comfort zone, break some rules"


"Do something bigger than yourself, that gives you meaning "

work-life balance

Work- Life balance

"Have fun, leave time for some excitements other than work"

Bias for Action 

"move fast, even if you might be mistaken"

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