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Q & A
  • How much does this cost?
    Different pricing plans exist for companies/universities based on the number of vouchers acquired for their employees/students. For example, the cost is around 10$ per user per month (for more than 300 users).
  • How does the app learn how I feel?
    We learn about your app usage and unlock , and based on models we developed, we predict when you're experiencing a negative behavior. You define your expected behavior, and we help you maintain it in a way that no other company does. We're using your data for your own good.
  • How do you keep my privacy?
    We're using the latest, most updated security protocols. Your data is always yours. The employer can ask (under your permission) aggregated, non personal analysis).
  • Which kind of interventions are you using?
    We have designed dozens of interventions based on the latest psychology and behavioral economics research. These are aimed to address each of these focus-deterring emotions during the program. Once you apply these interventions, your focus level will improve.
  • What type of data do we collect about the users?
    At Hour25.AI, we collect various data about the user to provide a personalized experience. This data includes events such as clicks on tabs and open apps, user platform details, and exact sampling date and time. We collect information about the user's main and subdomain and the event type, such as a new empty tab open or a new URL selected in the same tab. Additionally, we collect data about the user's emotions and chosen interventions, which can help us better understand the user's needs and preferences. Please note that we take user privacy seriously and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding collecting and using personal data. Your data always remains under your control. Your employer/ university may request aggregated and non-personal analysis of the data, but only with your explicit permission.

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