Meet The Team

Yair Nativ

Co-founder & CEO

3x tech founder

1st start-up, Safe Lane, founded in 2012, still in operations after successful exit to Israeli Government

2nd start-up, building AI voice assistants, recognized by Google as a 'company that can change the future'

"We're going to help you become happier!"


Co-Founder Data + Tech

Extensive data and analytics background

Sold his startup to Oracle

Created the information and statistics division at a large bank

Libat Apolet

Product Lead

״It׳s all about emotions. Let's focus on that.״

Natanel Goldfeather


Business Development


"Can't talk right now, I am focused"

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-27 at 3.18.27 PM.jpeg

Tech Lead

"I've been thinking of this problem for 10 years now"

Vivianne Ramselaar

Young Professionals Ambassador

"As a student, I think that this is an awesome idea! "



QA Engineer


Achieving is believing, focus on that

Ameer Rayan


"It makes me happy to help people overcome the barriers that hold them back" 


Our Advisors

Michael Schrage Profile Pic.jfif

MIT scholar
Digital Transformation expert in businesses

EJ Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Former NBA player
TV analyst for the Phoenix Suns and co-host of NBA Today

Eric Rubin Profile Pic.jfif

President and CEO at Uncommon Investment Advisors

Curt Steinhorst

Bestselling author of Can I Have Your Attention?

Focus advisor of Nike and Deloitte

Top 30 Global Guru

"My life mission is to help people get their focus back, and this is the right place for it!"

Tamar Kornitzer

Founder and CEO of, a behavioral design consultancy.

Former VP Research at Professor Dan Ariely's Israeli consulting outfit.

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