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Hour25.AI –
The Student Support Solution for the Digital Age

Hour25.AI is an innovative platform to help students overcome digital stress and improve their increase retention. 

By mapping digital behavior to psychological states, Hour25.AI understand individual student needs and offers personalized passive interventions.


Hour25.AI learns from its user base, identifying effective strategies and providing real-time guidance. It taps into the collective wisdom of students and employees who have faced similar challenges to offer proven exercises and nudges.

Hour25.AI Chrome extension:

The Focus Energy feature provides real-time tracking of your focus levels, giving you a visual representation of your current level of focus at any given moment via a badge.


It alerts you of any drops or spikes in real time. By providing insights into your focus habits, the feature helps identify areas for improvement and ultimately improve focus over time. 


Hour25.AI app:

The intervention feature is designed to help you improve your focus and performance by providing exercises tailored to your current mood. The app asks how you're feeling and suggests exercises to help you get out of that mood and boost your productivity. Whether you're feeling stressed, tired, or overwhelmed, the intervention feature can support you in staying on track and achieving your goals.


Did you know...

Did you know that the average person checks their phone
up to 96 times a day?
That's once every 10 minutes!

Study by Asurion

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