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Your students' attention needs your attention

Give your students  the sharpness of top athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

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64% of college dropouts are due to mental health issues/ mental health related. 

We have developed and tested a digital platform that improves focus by reducing the negative emotions that get in the way in real-time.


Our vision

Provide immediate & personalized emotional & behavioral feedback & training, continuously increasing resilience using Data and AI.

Our mission

Guide any individual to persist and increase resilience to (the negative effects of) addictive technologies

HOUR25.AI In Numbers


Attention is a $650 billion pandemic in the U.S. alone.

89% of employees: "work-life balance got interrupted"

Over 5 hours of the workday are not productive

91% of employees say work stress is unmanageable

Portrait of Young Woman

Kim, Young professional

June 2021



An interesting experience which helped improve my focusing habits, and I think it's something that I'll continue to work on.

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Young Businesswoman

Kelly, Young professional

March 2022



It was interesting to really think about how I was feeling in a day instead of just experiencing it.

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Young Student

Mark, Young professional

April 2022


 New York

It was very beneficial to begin thinking about my social media and phone usage from a different perspective.

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