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Hour25.AI saves employees and students from digital distractions to accelerate their performance, in real-time, with (emotional and behavioral) drills endorsed by NBA pros and top scientists.

We bridge well-being and productivity - identifying in real-time and proposing immediate and effective antidotes across all your platforms.

What do we do?


How does it work?

Our unique IP is around real-time/real-life analysis of 'Bad AI' with our 'Good AI' - and triggering emotional and behavioral intervention that builds resilience in the work/study environment.

Proven results


72% accuracy in predicting internal and emotional barriers to focus.


Up to 40% increase in user focus after using the POC app.


Up to 63% decrease in negative emotions after two weeks.

With Hour25.AI

You get

Up to a 40% focus increase, resulting in more satisfied employees/ students.

Your employees/students

Their focus personality and emotional assessment.
We offer them personalized exercises to improve performance.

Outsmart Digital Distractions - Earn an Extra Hour a Day

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