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Hour25.AI is a platform designed to help students overcome digital stress and improve their study experiences. The company's unique approach leverages crowdsourcing to identify and implement successful peer strategies in real time.

We bridge well-being and productivity - identifying in real-time and proposing immediate and effective antidotes across all your platforms.

What do we do?


How does it work?

Our unique IP is around real-time/real-life analysis of 'Bad AI' with our 'Good AI' - and triggering emotional and behavioral intervention that builds resilience in the work/study environment.

Proven results

72% accuracy in predicting internal and emotional barriers to focus.

Up to 40% increase in user focus after using the POC app.

Up to 63% decrease in negative emotions after two weeks.

With Hour25.AI

You get

Up to a 40% focus increase, resulting in more satisfied employees/ students.

Your employees/students

Their focus personality and emotional assessment.
We offer them personalized exercises to improve performance.

Outsmart Digital Distractions - Earn an Extra Hour a Day

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