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HOUR25.AI Releases Results of Study with Students at Bentley University to Increase Focus, Build Res

40% Students Report Improvement in Focus After Using Hour25.AI Platform


Hour25.AI, an algorithm-based digital platform combating a trillion-dollar problem to reduce internet addictions, increase resiliency and improve well-being at home and at work, today released the findings of a study conducted with Bentley University to reduce the negative habits often associated with internet overuse.

The study included 26 participants, monitored over a 10-day period. The Hour25.AI Challenge and app worked in tandem with Bentley course curriculum. Before using the app, the students also kept a social media diary to create a baseline of their average Internet usage. Key findings after the study, using the Hour25 solution, included:

● 90% were surprised how much time they spent on social media and the Internet ● 40% reported an improvement in focus ● 62% felt more confident and better balanced overall in school/life ● Over 50% reduced procrastination

“It was extremely beneficial to begin thinking about my social media and overall Internet usage from a different perspective. After going through this study with Hour25, I’m now much more aware of my screen time and how and where I spend my time,” said one participant.

The program combined a self-assessment questionnaire, developed by global focus experts, along with the Hour25.AI content app. Based on emotions reported by students, the app provided access to resilience-enhancing interventions personalized to their feelings. Also included were daily suggestions of customized exercises tailored to each student's personality, as well as game challenges and a program summary report with a personalized focus plan for the students.

“We are excited to reveal the results of this important study with students at Bentley University,” said Hour25.AI Founder & CEO Yair Nativ. “It’s apparent that when leveraging our technology, students report improved focus and resiliency, reduced procrastination and even an increase in confidence.”

In addition, Hour25.AI found that type of distractions, time of day, social interaction, and multitasking were the most relevant to the students and the program.

Hour25.AI is working with corporations and universities throughout the country on similar studies to enhance productivity and build resilience in the face of Internet addiction through its proprietary platform.

"We're teaching the students about concepts such as technological determinism to understand how a human can be distracted or helped by the technology they use,” said Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Adjunct Professor at Bentley and Brandeis.

HOUR25.AI app was used after students had written papers about their social media and internet use. Some of the students were looking forward to using the app to help them cut down their social media and internet use. We saw a positive impact after using the app."

About HOUR25 AI: HOUR25.AI is an algorithm-based digital platform combating a nearly trillion-dollar and growing problem worldwide. The platform helps users analyze negative behavior in real-time and provide real-time interventions and exercises that create resilience and better, healthier tech usage habits.

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