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Find your focus.


It’s time to be your best self and to accomplish your goals like a boss - no more excuses, no more holding back.


My Focus Lab is a one-of-a-kind focus training program created in collaboration with global focus leaders and professionals in the fields of cognitive-behavioral science, user experience, and tutoring.

The program's app will give you the tools you need to stay focused, excel in your studies, and kick butt at life.


One program for all of your focus needs.

Instead of only dealing with external distractions like social media and Netflix, our training app digs deep into internal barriers that are killing your focus.


A quick fix works nicely… for about a minute. What you need is a long-term solution - actually understanding your personal obstacles and then learning how to overcome them will stay with you for life.

The beta program


We’re conducting a training program with a small, handpicked group of students. You’ll get access to our beta app and will be able to start improving your focus and achieving your goals.

Get in Touch

Need help? Have questions?

Contact us by E-mail:


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