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Don't let any student
stay behind!

Real-Time Aid: NBA Stars Join Stanford Behavioral Experts to Address Digital Overload and Increase Retention

Our product:

Hour25.AI delves deep into students' unique needs and preferences by crowdsourcing and analyzing digital behavior, offering tailored interventions and guidance. Built on insights from others facing similar challenges, we employ real-time nudges and proven exercises to help users overcome digital stress and excel academically.

I'm a...

Digital Stress Buster: Conquer stress and unlock academic potential through crowd wisdom.

Personalized Guidance: Transform students' digital lives with data-driven insights.

Stress-Free Studying:
Harness peer power to overcome digital overwhelm.

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What we've achieved together:

Up to 40% increase in user performance after using the solution

72% accuracy in predicting internal and emotional barriers to focus

Up to 63% decrease in negative emotions after two weeks

Portrait of Young Woman

Kim, Young professional

Pilot June 2021



An interesting experience which helped improve my focusing habits, and I think it's something that I'll continue to work on.

Young Businesswoman

Kelly, Young professional

Pilot March 2022



It was interesting to really think about how I was feeling in a day instead of just experiencing it.

Young Student

Mark, Young professional

Pilot April 2022


 New York

It was very beneficial to begin thinking about my social media and phone usage from a different perspective.

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