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About Our Beta Program


After eight months of research, hundreds of consultation hours by 20+ experts, and dozens of interviews, surveys, and design reviews, we’ve established a science-backed program leading to behavioral changes and long-term best-practice adaptation for improved focus, emotional health, and academic success.


  • Learn when and why you lose focus

    • Be aware and pin down the problems

  • Understand your emotional focus barriers and address them

    • Create the needed motivation and commitment for a true lasting change

  • Win back your focus

    • Supported by professional and science-backed tools

  • Achieve your academic goals

    • When you have focus, you feel better and do better!


These are the program details:

  • You’ll be asked to download a companion app on your smartphone, which will be available for your use during the two-week beta program*

  • You will share your focus level pre/post activities and submit your feedback so we can help you work towards your focus goals

  • Following the 2 week program period, we will set time to review your personalized focus results, give our analysis and provide meaningful recommendations


*During the program, you will be required to share your digital data. But don’t worry, we will provide a privacy policy

Are you in?

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