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About HOUR25.AI

HOUR25.AI is a focus training program created with global focus leaders and professionals in the fields of cognitive-behavioral science, user experience, and tutoring.

The program is managed through a digital companion app designed to improve students’ academic achievements, focus, and well-being.

The app differs from other focus-related apps. It aims to eliminate emotional barriers (such as anxiety or boredom) that disturb focus, rather than merely disabling external distractions such as social media. The app is meant to be a long-term solution for a student’s focus needs.

Our product

HOUR25.AI is a science-based digital product that will help you learn about yourself, why you lose focus, and what you can do to become more focused than you have ever been. We do this by offering you practical tips, step-by-step solutions, and personalized recommendations to transform your behavior based on insights we get from your digital behavior.

Our mission

Help millions of people to fulfill their potential by improving their internal emotional drives. We want the students to feel better and do better.

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