Imagine what you could do
with one extra hour a day

We improve resilience to addictive technologies in real-time

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The problem isn’t that we are distracted by Instagram. No.

We turn to Insta when we are anxious and need to escape.


-Young Professional, Proof of Concept test

Our distraction problems are not digital.

60% of them are internal and emotional.

HOUR25.AI is the first digital platform

that improves human resilience in real-time.
Solving the root cause.

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Attention is a $650 billion pandemic in the US alone.



70% of the workforce feels distracted at work regularly.


Two-thirds of young professionals struggle with focus.

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Over 5 hours of the workday are 
not productive.

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"It gave us incredible insights and tools ...there has never been a more critical time to master our focus and attention."


Director at a Fortune 500 company

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